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The Right CBD to Make Your Products Amazing

Regardless of variety, you can count on premium, natural, delicious CBD oil


Tinctures and Edibles

Not only does our Full Spectrum CBD oil work better, it tastes better, too! This is the best option if you are looking to maximize efficacy. Our nutty, toasted, molasses flavor pairs well with tinctures and chocolates. For flavored tinctures and fruity products like gummies, our Natural CBD Distillate works best. The flavor-friendly profile allows you to create the precise flavor and scent profile that you want for your products.

Topicals and Skin Care

If efficacy is your top priority, our Full Spectrum CBD is the best option. This works especially well for consumers who want natural products. If you want to create a nuanced scent and feel, Natural Distillate is virtually colorless and unscented. This allows you to create the experience you want using essential oils and other ingredients.


For beverages with robust flavors like coffee, Full Spectrum CBD is a great choice and maximizes efficacy. For more nuanced flavors, Natural CBD Distillate is virtually colorless and flavorless. We can provide recommendations on partners who can make water soluble powder or  nano-emulsions.


CBD-infused pet treats and pet foods are all about maximizing effect for your consumers' beloved pets. Our Full Spectrum CBD maximizes beneficial compounds, including other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Pets love the delicious nutty, toasted flavor!

Gel Caps

Gel caps are very accessible for consumers who want to make CBD a part of their daily wellness regiments. Our Full Spectrum oil is terpene-rich and maximizes the entourage effect.


Coming soon! We enhance the best tasting, most natural CBD distillate for high ratio 35:1 CBD:THC vape cartridges. This vape oil is shelf stable and no propylene glycol or cutting agents are required. Sign up for updates to be informed when new offerings are available.

Vapor Distilled | The world's most natural CBD


Natural extraction without the use of harmful solvents—only heated air for less than two seconds. USDA Certified Organic.


Flash Extraction and Flash Activation mean that the extract is treated gently, preserving beneficial compounds and maximizing the Entourage Effect.

Flavor and Scent

We extract the good stuff while leaving behind compounds like chlorophyll that impart unpleasant flavors. Fragile terpenes are treated gently so they don't degrade.


You don't have to choose either quality or great prices. Get both! We offer better products for lower prices than you can get for inferior quality. 

We can help you make amazing CBD-infused products that your customers will buy again and again!

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