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The World's Only Flash Extraction™ and Flash Activation™ Process

Stand out in a crowded marketplace with premium, natural CBD products with unmatched flavor and efficacy

Solvent-Free Flash Extraction™

This is as natural as it gets—there are no solvents of any kind. Flash Extraction™ utilizes a precisely controlled stream of heated air to extract the full profile of CBD and other beneficial compounds (terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabinoids) in under two seconds. Unlike other technologies which use solvents, our process does not extract chlorophyll which imparts a bitter, unpleasant flavor.

Flash Activation™ in Seconds, Not Hours

Activation (or decarboxylation) is the process of converting CBDa into CBD in order to make the compound usable by the endocannabinoid system. In other processes, this is done by exposing CBD extract to heat for several hours. This damages fragile compounds, reducing efficacy and imparting unpleasant flavors. Flash Activation means that the extract is treated gently, preserving beneficial compounds and producing a delicious sweet, toasted, nutty flavor.

Quality and Consistency at Scale

We ensure quality and consistency through precisely-controlled processes. Extraction machines have over 60 sensors gathering data for continual optimization. Additional refinement such as distillation is done with care in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). These SOPs ensure that we are able to deliver exceptional quality with consistency at large scale.

Premium, Organically-Grown Hemp

You can't engineer quality into your products if you start with bad ingredients. That's why we never compromise with the farms we work with or the the plant material that is used to make our wholesale CBD products. Our farming partners are always licensed and always pesticide free. We use only organically-grown hemp.

Great People Make Great Products

Our customers count on us to be experts in hemp, CBD and extraction technology. We are committed to exceptional quality and customer service.

We strive to work and live by our values everyday:  We Care | We Are Passionate | We Do Things the Right Way | Together | Trust & Accountability | Growth Mindset.

Vapor Distilled | Disruptive Innovation for Superior Wholesale CBD

84 Reasons (and Counting!) Why Our Process Is Superior

We are passionate about disruptive innovation as a way to improve the quality, consistency and efficacy of our products—and yours. Our global patent portfolio grows by the week. With us, you don't just get the best products today; you get the best partner for the future.
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The Right CBD Products for You

We offer a variety of wholesale CBD products to best suit the preferences of your customers and the types of products you are making. We deliver the right products with quality and consistency.
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Premium, High Quality CBD Products

Typical CBD Potency in Full Spectrum
Typical Cannabinoid Potency in Full Spectrum
Typical CBD Potency in Natural Distillate
Typical Cannabinoid Potency in Natural Distillate