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The world's best oil from the world’s only solvent-free, hot air extraction method.

The best oil from the best crops.

Vapor Distilled has the world's only solvent-free extraction using only heated air. Flash Extraction™ and Flash Activation™ happen in under two seconds, resulting in an exceptional tasting, terpene-rich, natural CBD. Your CBD-infused products will stand out in a crowded marketplace and your customers will buy again and again.

flavors-iconOur proprietary process produces oil that's 100% pure, retains more cannabinoids, and tastes better than all other extraction methods available.



Your customers care about natural oil and so do we. 



We are a trusted producer and supplier of CBD oil for some of the biggest names in the industry.


Save 30% and valuable time. Get your final product from one processor.

Other Producers Cost Per Pound

Vapor Distilled Cost Per Pound

     Extraction                  $25 - $30

        Extraction                       $29 - $40

Activation                        $5

  Activation - Included in Extraction

Post Processing             $15

 Post Processing - Unnecessary* 

         TOTAL            $45 - $50

       TOTAL                $29 - $40

*Our Full Spectrum oil requires no post processing. Distillate requires post extraction distillation.

Let’s go over the numbers together!

Farming is hard. You deserve to get every penny possible from your harvest this season. So let’s talk. We’re committed to helping you find the right solution for your processing needs - even if it’s not us.



  "The team at Vapor Distilled is the best: supportive, creative and with deep knowledge in the CBD world."  
  - Joe Gagnon, CEO, Performance Tea


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The world's best CBD for the world's best brands
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The world's only solvent-free extraction using only heated air
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